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Ingredients to Develop

The Right Vocal Attitude

 A Menu to Feed the Vocal Mind

 by Jesús Quiñones Ledesma



the right vocal attitude

How to live through the process, how to learn to love our voice, and how to make it last! How to play the mental game! The process of learning is a game by itself; where there has to be a winner after all: To learn the Wonderful Art of Singing. We win when we start to think about it, when we can convince ourselves of the great challenge.

·       Introduction

·       Preface

·       Points to Consider

·       Things to Review

We must first take in consideration the learning of the basic things we need, in every psychological way, to provoke the accomplishment of putting mind and voice to work together. Let's get ready with discipline, courage, sensitivity, determination, mental focus and cool reactions; they are the needed things to find the right vocal attitude and confidence, which finally reshapes our whole process.


The process has to be approached with intelligence and desire, and if we have a certain voice, we are call to succeed; otherwise, even if we have the most incredible and beautiful voice, without the proper elements, there is nothing to do. It's better not to lose time and money trying to study singing, through many years, specifically if we know how limited we are.


Let's see the ingredients we have to consider


·         Discover how to create a strong mental process to learn any vocal technique, specially the Italian voice placement.

·         Develop an unflappable belief in our vocal and musical abilities and also in our sensitive human behavior.

·         Start to go beyond goal setting to goal getting.

·         Learn how to turn stumbling mental blocks into stepping-stones for our vocal and musical training success.

·         Tap the true source of creativity for the needed vocal attitude, as the most relevant goal we have to pursue.

·         Make vocal happiness and everyday habit, since happiness is vocal easiness.

·         Keep stress far from taking control of our throat.

·         Harness an unlimited source of mental energy.

·         Add more years to the voice and more life to the throat.

·         Achieve a positive outcome every time there is an opportunity of learning from others, especially friends and colleagues.

·         In the world of singing we have to constantly discover new things that make us sing better.

·         Never be negative to learn from the advices of someone we don't trust. May be there is something good we can always learn. Those whom we trust sometimes don't like to share with others or with us what they know. Our intelligent vision will lead us to the truth.

·         The search of vocal progress never ends.

·         The more we keep working to find the best learning attitude and we don't prevail, make us obviously understand how far we are from it, and how much less we really know, to deal with our own vocal emotions. We have to work mentally and physically to blend the process with all the necessary tools combined to finally find the way to succeed.

·         We shouldn't try to do things that we haven't given strong and big thoughts.

·         To sing right takes time and time is a great factor of truth for us. We should take all the time needed to build vocal confidence. When it comes it stays with us forever.

·         New vocal concepts and positive attitudes make us better singers after all. We should never be happy with what we know since there is always something new we still have to catch on our way up to the top level of performance.

·         There is nothing like a top, or a final peak we have to reach; it's a matter of understanding how high can we ascend vocally, mentally and mature artistically, to learn how much more it's going to cost us stay on top of what we do.

·         When we learn how to deal with the rising evolvement of our vocal process it will be because we have found the strength of mind and knowledge to find out about it. We have to know how well we have to endure in our responsibility of being conscious of what it really means: to be professionally on top of what we emotionally have to do with our own vocal rendition.


If we can find the way to digest the ingredients outlined in this menu of ideas and concepts, to feed our mind properly, the goals of being more receptive and fearless will be easier to overcome.


© Copyright 2001 Jesús Quiñones Ledesma