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Ingredients to Develop

The Right Vocal Attitude

 A Menu to Feed the Vocal Mind

 by Jesús Quiñones Ledesma



A psychologist has said that, "taking 4 deep breaths with a 7-second inhale and an 8- second's exhale is the quickest way to reverse the ill effects of stress".    I've acknowledged through many years of experience that stress can turn to be the worst enemy for the vocal learning process.

·       Introduction

·       Points to Consider

·       The Right Attitude

·       Things to Review


In fact and particularly it doesn't help to focus properly. In a state of stress you can't keep your concentration, and vocal technique is all about that.


 In voice seminars or vocal workshops we should focus on the emotional side of our vocal studies. It's essential to be in command of our voice. While we learn to sing we have to discover how to be positive and mentally focus to develop a better psychological attitude. It's the best way to keep total control of the vocal process. Any tension might endanger the placement of the voice. Freedom of the throat comes with a lot of concentration. That is why focusing, with an intelligent vocal approach, it's so important for a singer.


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