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Ingredients to Develop

The Right Vocal Attitude

 A Menu to Feed the Vocal Mind

 by Jesús Quiñones Ledesma


 Vocal Things to Review

Every singer has to be conscious of the many circumstances to keep in mind to be successful in the vocal training and eventually in the lyric career. There are a few things that can be recommended and could be done for that purpose:
Courage is the power to face our vocal difficulties.

·       Introduction

·       Preface

·       Points to Consider

·       The Right Attitude


It comes from the reserves of our mind that are more powerful than the outside circumstances, bad habits and vocal problems, we find through the ritual training process. When we recognize that we are bigger than our vocal problems, then we gain the courage necessary to overcome anything. We start to sing with confidence. Confidence helps to materialize the things we learn.

Our obstacles will look large or small to us according to whether we are large or small. Courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined. It gives you the ability to rise above reality. The real fact to have in mind is to always be positive in keeping courage as our most important goal in our vocal preparation.


We have to be more important than any of the problems we find as a student or we have to meet as a professional singer. We can only find the way to fix them if we can overcome the way they come to us. Confidence, courage, great mental ability and concentration are the key we need to deal with our demanding mental vocal endeavor. Our success depends of all the ingredients to develop the right vocal attitude. If we can put them together, in a uniquely, powerful and synchronize technical movement, the voice becomes an extraordinary human instrument. The process is kind of an illusion but there is no doubt it can be done when all the necessary steps have been placed in order to unravel the marvelous mystery of the placement of the voice.


Final comments


·         The first step to consider, in the outstanding challenge of any singing method, (to find the right placement of the voice), has to be done with the most excellent mental and physical combination to support any vocal goal, not by instinct but with intellect. It really works, especially with the Italian school.

·         It allows the whole procedure to work with all the necessary tools at the same time; support, connection, placement and a strong mental attitude.

·         The first thing in the vocal process is not to think how we control the voice, is knowing first how to be in control of the mind; then the voice, mentally committed, blends naturally and easily through the process.

·         Finally through it, with absolute mental control, the process conveys in a uniquely, powerful and synchronize technical movement. The resonance stays on top of the breath ready to be exposed. The opening of the throat, which is needed, and the mind up to the full potential of its capacity, while the sound is on top of the breath, helps to enrich the natural color, brightness and beauty of the sound on its way out.

·         It gives the voice enhanced security and consistency to prevail in the singing process.


© Copyright 2001 Jesús Quiñones Ledesma